The Kalari Academy Singapore : Performance at The Indian Heritage Centre

Culturefest @ The Indian Heritage Centre Singapore

Discover this ancient martial art from Kerala,South India, with The Kalari Academy.

Kalaripayat (Ka-lari- Pa-yat) is the indigenous martial art of Kerala (south India) and is known to be in practice since 1000 BC. It is a holistic art that not only teaches how to defend one%u2019s self but to heal as well. This unique combination makes it a complete science of self-defence, yoga-sanas (sa-nas), protection and individuality.

The martial training aims at the overall development of an individual beginning from physical strength, mental balance and progressing to spirituality.

The Fighting techniques of Kalari are but one feature of a comprehensive range of activities described as Kalari vidya (KALARI-VID-YA).

In its most comprehensive form, the way of Kalari is a way of life %u2013from lifestyle and health to education and philosophy.

In Singapore, The Kalari Academy's mission is to provide a conducive, engaging environment to learn the ancient art of Kalaripayat (ka-lari-pa-yat) where students can enhance their physical fitness and attain clarity. A place where Yoga meets Martial arts.

The Kalari Academy%u2019s philosophy,
%u201CKnow where you have been. Know where you are going. Know the present moment.%u201D

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