Light Up Someone's Heart & Home For Deepavali

The lights have been lit in Serangoon Road. The Bazaars have begun.It's the time of the year again, where you buy new clothes, shop like there is no tomorrow, buy the best tasting cookies.

We may be the wealthiest and most economically stable city in the world but this is no Disneyland. Every year, there are families who do not get to celebrate this Festival of Lights. To the most of us, celebrating Deepavali is usually an entitlement that we do take for granted. Quite frankly, that used to be me as well, until one year, I found myself all alone, squatting in a one room rental unit due to a rather unfortunate financial meltdown in my family. It was truly a dark Deepavali for me that year, something I never want to ever go through again. I would never wish that on anyone else. 

Fortunately, we do have a group of individuals who have been working hard every year since 2013 to help  raise funds for needy and elderly disadvantaged families in our community. The objective was simple, to spread the festive cheer to the less fortunate. They called it, ‘Light Hearts Light Homes’ for Deepavali.

This particular group of individuals have indeed come a long way from 2013, where they managed to raise $14.5k in cash and in kind within 18 hours. Over several days, they transported, spring cleaned, packed and delivered festive packs to 56 needy families. Above this, they also handed out $50 cash/vouchers to 80 over families, bought shoes for 28 boys from the Ramakrishana Boys Home. They also had a chance to reach out to about 60 foreign workers, providing a few hundred kilos of rice, groceries, phone cards, etc to call their loved ones during the festive season.

In 2014, they raised close to $35k in cash and in kind in 3 weeks; and were able to reach 258 families across the island. This time, they had the help of individuals whom came forward to transport the packs to various locations across the island too.

Last year (2015), they received a grand total of $82,002.51. In cash, $56,804 and approximately $25,198.51 in donations in kind. Each festive pack was definitely worth more than $100 each and weighed close to more than 15kg each. Hence, they were blessed to have been able to reach out to more than 580 households. 

The beneficiaries are selected in consultation with the Family Service Centres and Volunterer Welfare Organisations at each vicinity. Most of the recipients are elderly/ disabled persons living alone, single parents and other deserving households through referrals. 

This year, they  will be partnering and distributing the festive packs to special families from Thye Hua Kwan, TOUCH Community Services, Fei Yue,  AWWA, Sikh Sewaks, SINDA  and Project Smile.

The target they have set this year is to reach out to MORE than 500 households and aim to raise $50k in cash and in kind.

This is how you can contribute
  1. Helping to bake, buy or donate cookies . We are looking at 1,200 bottles of such cookies.
    Cut off Date: 21 Oct 2016.
    Click Here For Specific Instructions
  2. Helping to make Murukku! We are looking at 600 bottles of them!
    Cut off Date: 21 Oct 2016.
    Click here For Specific Instructions
  3. Donations in cash.Please note that they are ONLY TAKING PLEDGES for now. This will help them work out on how many needy families we can reach out to this year. Collection of pledged amount will be on the 2nd week of October. 
    Cut off Date: 2nd October 2016.
You can contact them at if you need more information on the above mentioned. Do let them know that you heard about this fantastic initiative through us at The Guru Project. Thank you for that.

What we plan to do

We want more people to hear about this effort. I am sure that every single person who reads this article would help in someway possible. Everytime this link on FACEBOOK is shared, we will pledge $2 as a donation to this cause.I hope it is decent enough an incentive for you to share this on Facebook.


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